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Shopping becomes even more enjoyable with INLIFE! Now, with every purchase you make, you'll earn special points known as 'INLIFE Points,' which you can redeem on your next shopping spree. 

How can you accumulate INLIFE Points, you ask? 

The number of points, denoted as 'X,' credited to your 'INLIFE points' account depends on the product you buy and the payment method you choose. It's worth noting that each product carries its own unique point value. 

And when you're ready to reap the benefits of your INLIFE Points: 

Once your order has been successfully delivered and has surpassed the 14-day return window, your INLIFE Points will be added to your account. You can choose to utilize them immediately for your next purchase or save them up to use against any product.

Now, wondering how to get started? 

It's a breeze! There's no need for a separate sign-up process. Simply register on with a valid email ID & phone number to get started on your INLIFE Points journey.

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