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Punjabi Masala Chai, Super Kadak with Premium Assam CTC, 250g

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  • 100% Natural & aromatic tea 
  • Enriched with rose petals 
  • Helps in better digestion 
  • Aids better sleep 
  • Promotes body detoxification

This Indian tea beverage has a true essence of Punjab which is a perfect representation of the culture of Punjab.  

A chai Blended with eight exotic herbs and spices, a strong full boiled masala chai which you unlikely to find anywhere.  

It is traditionally made with freshly crushed spices, a perfect refreshing drink served hot in the morning and evening for some cozy relaxation. 

It is Enriched with rose petals, dried ginger, Black pepper etc which gives it a great taste and ease Digestion.  

Each Pack contains 250 gm of tea powder, and which can make approx. 100 cups of fresh tea.

Biol 120ml - 150ml water with 1 tea spoon of Punjabi Masala Chai (Chia Patti). Let it bil for 3-5 minutes. Sugar / Milk may be added while or after boiling, as desired. Strain / filter and enjoy the delicious healthy cup of Masala Tea.

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