INLIFE Anti-Acne Face Wash with Neem, 250ml

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The face wash formulated with unique ingredients like neem, niacinamide which is suitable For all skin types, best suited for oily skin. It helps in giving a clean and rejuvenating look, aids in preventing the growth of acne and blackheads.
Net Quantity: 250ml

Country of Origin: India

Suitable for: Adults


Shelf Life: 24 Months

Neem is the natural ingredient and known worldwide for its medicinal uses. Neem is famous for its antibacterial properties. Neem comes from the Neem tree and has many healing properties.

In Ayurveda, neem holds a strong position and one can also get rid of all evil problems in no time. Since the historic period, people have used neem for various purposes and the 100% positive results have made it popular from one generation to the next.

niacinamide has a important role in keeping your skin healthy by boosting hydration which helps to locjk the moisture in and protect from pollutants.

Ethyl ascorbic acid a pure form of vitamin c which helps to regenerate the skin cells for brightening the skin.

phytosqalane, sqalane is the essential part of skin that helps to make the skin moist naturally and protects you from skin damage.

INLIFE Anti - Acne Face Wash can be used for all skin types but is best suited for oily skin. This is cause neem is known to help in getting rid of all signs of soil, acne and oiliness to give you a clean, restoring and refreshing look.

Store it in a cool and dry place. It is a natural product. No harmful chemicals. It is 100% Ayurvedic Product.

Warning / Contraindication - Consult your healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, before using this product.

Moisten the face. Apply a small quantity of Inlife Neem face wash and gently massage with your fingertips in circular motions working out the lather. Rinse it out with water and pat dry. Use the natural neem face wash twice daily for best results.

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