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Kerala Masala Chai, Taazgi Ka Ehsaas with Premium Assam CTC, 250g

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  • 100% Natural with exotic ingredients.  
  • Promotes better Gut health 
  • Helps remain energetic entire day 
  • Unique & tasteful 
  • Aids in weight management

Kerala is called as the god’s own country and the land of coconut trees. But it is also known for its original spices which include the beating of cinnamon, turmeric, and lemon grass. 

Kerala chai is a unique combination for all this taste and addition of cinnamon will help omit sugars and still retain the sweetness of tea, The cool and calm aroma of the lemongrass will soothe the senses. 
Enriched with the unique blend of cinnamon, turmeric and lemongrass which gives a crisp taste of exotic ingredients tinkles your sensory buds. 
Each Pack contains 250 gm of tea powder, and which can make approx. 100 cups of fresh tea.

Biol 120ml - 150ml water with 1 tea spoon of Kerala Masala Chai (Chia Patti). Let it bil for 3-5 minutes. Sugar / Milk may be added while or after boiling, as desired. Strain / filter and enjoy the delicious healthy cup of Masala Tea.

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