INLIFE Hair Care Combo Pack, Herbal Hair Oil+Hibiscus Shampoo+Advanced Hair Skin Nails Supplement

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INIFE Hair Care combo pack consists of one quantity each of Herbal Hair Oil, Hibiscus Shampoo and Advanced Hair Skin Nails supplement. 

A beautiful combo for hair health which helps prevent premature greying of hair, adds strength, shine to the hair volume, and helps promote the growth of hair.


All of these are formulated with unique combination of ingredients such as Bhringraj, Amalaka, Brahmi, etc. ideal for all hair types which provides hair with all the vital nutrients.

Hibiscus anti-hair fall shampoo acts as a natural hair conditioner and helps intense cleaning of dull and damaged hair.

Herbal hair oil helps prevent premature greying of hair without harming the hair a specially it is non sticky even though it is herbal.

Advanced Hair Skin and Nails supplement is the one supplement for overall beauty health rich in biotin, grape seed extract and many other nutrients. The products help to fulfill the vitamins and minerals essential for one's hair growth.

Herbal Hair Oil - Take 5-6 ml of Oil and massage gently on your scalp and all over your hair. (Note: The quantity depends on the volume and length of hair). Leave the oil for a minimum time of 3 hours. Rinse it with INLIFE Hibiscus Shampoo. For best results, apply 4 times a week.

Hibiscus Shampoo - Take 5ml of INLIFE Hibiscus Shampoo (or as desired according to the volume and length of the hair) and apply on wet hair and scalp. Allow to lather for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Re-apply if needed. Use it daily for best results.

Advanced Hair Skin and Nails - Take 1 capsule twice a day after food or as advised by your health care professional

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