INLIFE Coenzyme Q10 200mg with Bioperine (Piperine) 8mg Supplement - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Each capsule contains 200mg of coq10, enriched with 8mg Bioperine for better absorption. This supplement helps to boost immunity and aids in maintaining good skin.
FSSAI: 13618011000616

Net Quantity: 60 Capsules

Country of Origin: India

Suitable for: Adults

Veg/Non-Veg: Vegetarian.

Number of servings: 60


Shelf Life: 24 Months

Coenzyme Q10 which is also known as CoQ10 is a compound that helps in generating energy in the cells. The human body can produce this compound naturally, but with ageing, the production of CoQ10 by the body reduces and hence the need for supplementation arises.

INLIFE CoQ10 with Bioperine supplement is one of its kind and is specially designed to fulfil the CoQ10 requirement of the body.

CoQ10 is known to support in maintaining basal metabolic rate. It also helps in the production of a high energy molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is known to be responsible for enhancing the energy levels in the body. Hence it aids in keeping one active and boosts strength and stamina levels.

INLIFE CoQ10 with Bioperine supplement contains 200 mg of CoQ10. The CoQ10 form present in INLIFE supplement is Ubiquinone which is an oxidised form. The supplement is also enriched with 8 mg of Bioperine to help in better absorption of CoQ10 and aid in enhancing immunity.

Each pack of CoQ10 with Bioperine supplement contains 60 vegetarians capsule. This supplement is 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Warning / Contraindications: Consult your healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, before using this product.

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1 capsule daily or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

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